Pony Air Set

Product information:

Urgent Solution to Propeller Winding and Anchor Installation:

Boat owners now have the opportunity to solve this problem themselves in the problems of propeller winding and anchors that they frequently encounter. Our Mini Scuba set Pony Air Set is an excellent product designed to solve your problems to be solved with short dives under the boat without the need for outside support.

With its compact design replacement, the Aluminum Alloy Scuba Tube with 200Bar working pressure and superior quality components, all of which are CE certified, the system provides you a total of 400 liters of air with 2 tubes that you can breathe underwater. We have designed this Emergency Diving Set , which you can use with confidence for years, so that you can make safer trips on your boat.

Alüminyum Gazlı İçecek Tüpleri


  • Aluminum Diving Tube
  • 1st and 2nd stage Scuba regulator
  • Pressure indicator
  • Ergonomic design and stylish design, tube binding vest with knife pocket
  • Multi-purpose soft pack bag made of waterproof fabric


  • 2 l. Pony Air Set
  • 3 l. Pony Air Set
  • 5 l. Pony Air Set
  • 7 l. Pony Air Set


60 x 25 x 18 cm (with bag)