Aluminum Scuba Cylinders

Aluminum Scuba Cylinders are produced in Turkey.

Aluminum 6061-T6 alloy SCUBA Cylinders (Aluminum Diving Tubes) are manufactured between 0,5-12 l. and high performance.

Aluminum SCUBA Cylinders (Aluminum Diving Cylinders) are manufactured according to BS 5045-8: 2000 standard design and 97/23 / EC (PED) directive. Our Aluminum SCUBA Cylinders (Aluminum Diving Tubes) are preferred due to their lightness other than water, because they provide ease of movement and high performance in the water.

Aluminum Scuba Cylinders Technical Specifications:

Water CapacityGas TypeDiameterLengthWeigthWorking PressureTest PressureThreadSpecification
0,5 l.AIR70 mm230 mm0,70 kg200 bar300 barM18x1,597/23/EC
2 l.AIR102 mm400 mm1,60 kg200 bar300 barM25x297/23/EC
3 l.AIR117 mm440 mm3,60 kg200 bar312 barM25x297/23/EC
5,7 l.AIR133 mm645 mm7 kg207 bar311 barM25x297/23/EC
7 l.AIR152 mm614 mm8,60 kg200 bar300 barM25x297/23/EC
10 l.AIR176 mm655 mm12,4 kg200 bar300 barM25x297/23/EC
11,1 l.AIR184 mm662 mm14,4 kg207 bar311 barM25x297/23/EC
12 l.AIR204 mm610 mm16,5 kg200 bar300 barM25x297/23/EC