Aluminum Beverage Cylinders

Product information

Aluminum 6061-T6 alloy high pressure CO2 cylinders are tested at 250 bar pressure.

Aluminum Beverage Cylinders are produced in accordance with TRG 802 and EN 1975: 2000 design standards and 99/36 / EC (TPED) directive.

It has been tested for the hydrocarbon ratio of aluminum alloy high pressure CO2 tubes. Inside is clean and healthy.

Aluminum Beverage Cylinders have various decorative surfaces.

Alüminyum Gazlı İçecek Tüpleri


Alüminum Beverage Cylinders Technical Specifications:

CO² CapacityWater CapacityDiameterLengthWeightTest PressureThreadSpecification
0,3 kg.0,4 l.60 mm.245 mm.0,43 kg300 barM18x1,52010/35/EU
0,375 kg.0,5 l.70 mm.230 mm.0,70 kg300 barM18x1,52010/35/EU
0,45 kg.0,6 l.60 mm.332 mm.0,64 kg250 barM18x1,52010/35/EU
1 kg.1,34 l.90 mm.332 mm.1,40 kg250 barM18x1,52010/35/EU
5,6 kg.7,5 l.152 mm.620 mm.7,45 kg250 bar25E2010/35/EU


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