Advantages of Aluminum Oxygen Cylinders

Advantages of Aluminum Tubes

1. Is Lightweight

Aluminum Alloy Tubes are 25% to 40% lighter than steel tubes compared to the size of the tube.

2. It is sterile.

Since the inside of each tube is washed with pressurized steam after production, metal smell does not emit during use.

3. Safe

During any explosion, the steel tube poses a serious threat to human health due to part effects, causing fatal accidents. During the explosion, Aluminum Alloy tubes are torn like paper only 10 cm long, half cm wide from one edge and expel the gas inside. There is no part rupture.

4. Stainless

It works safely in high humidity and high temperature differences. (-30 C, +60 C). Due to the sweating occurring in sudden temperature changes, there may be rust on the inside of the steel tubes, but this is not the case in Aluminum Alloy tubes.

5. Is Nonmagnetic

It has no magnetic properties. Nonmanyeti is. It can be used safely in magnetic fields such as MR Room.

6. Corrosion Resistant

It is inevitable that the steel tubes, which are exposed to impact during transportation and use, and which are located in humid environments under the counter, undergo paint and corrosion after contact with the paint. This leads to both visual pollution and repainting costs. There is no internal and external corrosion in Aluminum Alloy tubes. The internal and external corrosion resistance is incomparably higher than the steel tube, it does not need to be repainted.

7. It is decorative.

Due to the structure of the material, it has a much more decorative appearance than steel tubes.

8. High Test and Working Pressure

Due to the feature of the alloy (6061 Aluminum Alloy) it has the same test and working pressure as steel tubes.

9. Specification

Aluminum tubes are produced in accordance with EN 1975 design standard and 99/36 / EC directives with Pi brand.

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