Aluminum Ambulance Cylinders

Product information

1-10 l. High Pressure Aluminum Tubes manufactured for medical gases in the range of are tested at 300 Bar pressure and have a working pressure of 200 Bar.

2 l. and 10 l Aluminum Oxygen Tubes are used in Ambulances.

Aluminum alloy high pressure CO2 tubes are tested for hydrocarbon content. Inside is clean and healthy.

Our aluminum Medical Gas Cylinders , which are produced with 100% domestic capital, have TSE certificate and have EN 1975: 2000 and ISO 7866: 1999 design standards and 99/36 / EC ( TPED) directive. Aluminum alloy medical gas cylinders offer significant advantages in terms of lightness, corrosion resistance, safety and non-magnetic.

Aluminum Ambulance Tubes 2 l and 10 l. It is manufactured as.

Alüminyum Medikal Tüp


2lt Ambulance Tube Certificate

2lt Ambulans Tüpü Sertifikası

10lt Ambulance Tube Certificate

10lt Ambulans Tüpü Sertifikası

Aluminum Ambulance Tubes Technical Specifications:

Water CapacityDiameterLengthWeightWorking PressureTest PressureThreadSpecification
2 l.102 mm.400 mm.2,60 kg.200 bar300 bar17E2010/35/EU
10 l.176 mm.655 mm.12,40 kg.200 bar300 bar25E2010/35/EU