Aluminum Industrial Cylinders

Product information

Aluminum alloy high pressure special gas cylinders, for industrial use, are produced in the range 0,5l. – 10l. and tested at 300 Bar pressure.

Aluminum Industrial Gas Cylinders are produced in accordance with EN 1975: 2000 and ISO 7866: 1999 design standards and 2010/35 / EU (TPED) directive.

Aluminum Industrial Tubes are ideal for industrial use. It is light and safe.

Aluminum Industry Cylinders are manufactured in fully integrated MES facilities with 6061-T6 Aluminum alloy at the neck for valve protection.

Alüminyum Endüstriyel Gaz Tüpleri


Alüminyum Industrial Cylinders Technical Specifications:

Water CapacityDiameterLengthWeightWorking PressureTest PressureThreadSpecification
0,5 l.70 mm230 mm0,70 kg.200 bar300 barM18x1,52010/35/EU
0,8 l.73,8 mm.275 mm.0,70 kg.113 bar170 barM18x1,52010/35/EU
1 l.102 mm.240 mm.1,60 kg.200 bar300 bar17 E2010/35/EU
2 l.102 mm.400 mm.2,60 kg.200 bar300 bar17 E2010/35/EU
2,5 l.117 mm.390 mm.3,30 kg.200 bar300 bar25E2010/35/EU
3 l..117 mm.460 mm.4,00 kg.200 bar300 bar25 E2010/35/EU
5 l..140 mm.525 mm.6,70 kg.200 bar300 bar25 E2010/35/EU
10 l..140 mm.970 mm.11,40 kg.200 bar300 bar25 E2010/35/EU
10 l.176 mm.655 mm.12,40 kg.200 bar300 bar25E2010/35/EU